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Lower Merion Baptist Church
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

by Gavin Morton Walker, D.D.


 Charles Thomson
 Horatio Gates Jones
 Gavin Morton Walker
 The Years Tell of Changes
 Rev. War Memorial
 Woodrow Wilson
A committee of Merion Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, led by Mrs. H. A. Arnold, with the hearty co-operation of the Church, inaugurated a movement for the erection of a Revolutionary War memorial for Lower Merion, and this was crowned with success in 1931. Lower Merion Revolutionary War Memorial The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provided the bronze tablet, the D.A.R. gave the massive block of granite therefore, the Church set apart the ground at the corner of Old and New Gulph roads, In the cemetery. Lower Merion Township removed a tree and graded the embankment, on which the D.A.R. erected a stair of 13 steps, one for each of the Colonies. Lower Merion High School Band played here on the date of the dedication. The D.A.R. and the Pastor conducted the exercises. In preparing the ground for the memorial remains were uncovered in part, reviving the tradition that here unknown soldiers were buried. It is significant that the Church never sold these lots for Interments.

Bronze tablet on the Lower Merion Revolutionary War Memorial
The seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania adorns the tablet and the inscription reads: "Erected by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Merion Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. This tablet is in commemoration of the services of Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress, and soldiers who served from Lower Merion Township In the Revolutionary War. This marker is dedicated in grateful recognition of their patriotism, valor and fidelity. Colonel Philip Lowry, Colonel Isaac Warner, Lieutenant Colonel Algernon Roberts, Major William Cochran, Lieutenant Thomas Wynne, Frederic Bicking, Richard Bicking, John Brooks, Henry Colflesh, John Cornog, George Coulter, Isaac Davis, Samuel Davis, John Dewees, John Elliott, Nehemiah Evans, Michael Fimple, John Fiss, William Fiss, Edward George, Jesse George, John Goodman, Joseph Grover, Adam Grow, Jacob Hoffman, William Holgate, Benjamin Holland, George Horn, George Horn, 2d, John Horn, Thomas Humphrey, Jonathan Jones, Lloyd Jones, Richard Jones, Ludwig Knoll, John H. Kuhn, Jacob Latch, John Maurer, Daniel McElroy, John P. Miller, Miller (Fifer), Martin Miller, Jacob Morris, John Ott, Peter Ott, Peter Ott, 2d, Nicholas Pechin, John Price, J. Righter, Jacob Righter, John Righter, John Roberts, Joseph Roberts, Thomas Roberts, William Roberts, William Sheaff, Benjamin Sheets, Conrad Sheets, Francis Sheets, Christopher Shupert, Griffith Smith, John Smith, Michael Smith, William Smith, William Thomas, Peter Trexler, Joshua Vaughan, Jacob Waggoner, William Wagner, Casper Weist, John Wells, Obediah Wildey, John Wilfong, Daniel Williams, James Wilson, John Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Martin Wise, David Young, John Young, Llewellyn Young, John Zell."
Plaque on the back of the Lower Merion Revolutionary War Memorial Plaque on the steps of the Lower Merion Revolutionary War Memorial

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